Collage & Mixed Media 2

Vintage Collage pieces were created using scanned ephemera, textures, watercolor and acrylic brushes. All compiled in Photoshop

Across the Street
Art in the Box
Blue Stamp Collage
Blue Garden
Cabinet of Curiosity
East Meets West
Doors of Perception
Golden Boy
Harvest Lights
Impartial Design
Long Days
Making Art 
Misheard Lyrics 
November Hardware
Package at the Door
Red Q
Scarlet Paper
Torn Thursday
Tuesday Morning Collage
Winter in the City
Winter Night At Home
World Traveler
Yellow Room
Corner of a Bistro
Green Coin Collage
Hanging Flowers
Zebra in the Backyard
Looking Far 
Midnight Flourish
Pumpkin Spice Latte
Rainbow Reflection
Red Circus Collage
Red Coffee Pot
Researching Trends
Songs of August
Yellow Sage
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