Abstract 2

More abstracts created in 2016 created with both traditional and digital elements

Strange Village 
Cancel the Reservations 
Saturday 12 Abstract 
Fashion Fabrics
Blue Symphony
Busted Mylar Balloon
Don't Let Go
Nervous Ink
Abstract Outnumbered
Behind the Wall
Broken Rain Clouds
Careless Entanglement
False Certainty
Hostile Takeover
I Love Swirls
Light Dancer
Nervous Insect
Positive Ions
Way Blue in Peach
Abstract No. 2
Abstract with Teal Top
Color Instead of Greed
If Only
Lead by Curiosity
Masterpiece Explored
Rainbow Echos
Beacon of Design
Blood Oranges in Spring
Content in Blue
Extension of Thought
Mountain Dweller
One Fish
Rain on Tuesday
Scary Clowns
Tour of Belize
Truth in Theory
Twisted Green Apple
View From A Distance
Whole Knowledge of Heart
Wine and Roses
Honest Efforts
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