Collage & Mixed Media 1

Vintage Collage pieces were created using scanned ephemera, textures, watercolor and acrylic brushes. All compiled in Photoshop.

Grey Windy Day
Red Behind the Wall
Time Piece
Green Island Collage
Garden Stories
18th Collage in Blue
The Gilded Age 
Changing Quality of Light
Research for the Novel
White Gardenia Collage 
North of Africa
Fragment of Green
Lovely Field of Happiness
Seedless Tangerines
Side Project 
Style and Honor
The New York Collage
Guide Map
Seasons Yield
Chocolate Collage 
Yielding Colors
Green Room Upstairs
Different Perspective
Home Today
Maple and Burnt Orange
A Thru 5 Collage
To Observe
Life Isn't Easy
Hats on Butterflies
A Good Partner
School House
Teal Vintage 
Red Ripped from the Headlines
Blue Abstract 25
Gramophone Collage
Green Vodka Collage
Last Weekend of October
Lost Mail
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