Abstract 1

Abstracts created using both traditional and digital tools.

Contrast and Intensity
The Challenger Deep
Fanatic Color 
Taupe and Blue
Design Area
Water Stains
Longer Days
Indestructible Color
Algae Swamp
Metaphorical Notion
Acrylic Flow
On the way to Dusk
Around the Corner
Love Has Shifted My Way
Today and Everyday
Rockefeller Center in Abstract 
Wall Candy
Eucalyptus Tree
My Favorite Colors 
No Standing 
Blue Disco
Color Wash
Cool Waters
Adventurous Soul
First Abstract of October
A Days Work
Market Fair 
Proper Task of Life
Rocky Waters
Loopy Wall
Dripping Zinfandel
Pink Oobleck
Second Chapter 
When Two Souls Meet in the City
Can't Imagine
Summer Flowers
Life Backwards
March Dance
Outer Lines
Cultivating Calm
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