Collage & Mixed Media

While Supplies Last
Warm Enviornment
Connect the Dots
Nesting Birds
Sincerely Doubtful
My Home in the Country
Blue Slumber
When All Goes Wrong
Center Rose
Red Under Grey
Life Isn't About Waiting
Strange Flowers
Distant Call
Less Then Dramatic
Subtle Words
Windy Waters
Cafe Around the Corner
New York Press
Scrambling for the Truth
Warm Winter
Collection of Letters
Confusion on the Other Side
Joys of Yesterday
Under A Rock
February 21st
Home Harvest
Green Tea Mochi
Day 23 of February
Miles Away
Somber Collection
Roses on the Mantel
Vintage Fashion
Dark Composition Vol II
The Red Room
Hot Cocoa
Vintage Flight
Coral Flight
Pacific Waters
Storm Clouds over the Garden
Blue Garden House
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