3D Collage

My 3D collages are a collage of elements created in several software programs. There are some traditional elements, photos and digitally created pieces all combined in Photoshop.

Strange Telemetry
Orange Swirl Glass
Inspiration in Poetry
Dream in Abstract 
White Blossoms Wrapped in 3D
Butterfly into Sepia
Smoke and Magenta
The Hummingbirds
White Waterlily Composition
Fast As You Can
Evidence of Beauty
Digital White Space 
Checkered Landscape
It Does Float 
4 Ever
Mechanical Art in Movement
Purple Guitar Collage 
Blood Red Spores
Apple 3D Collage 
View From A Square Window
Life As We Know It
Distant Paradise
Inner Workings of the Human Mind
Last Summer
Green Leaf and Satin
Grey Complications
Leaping Knight
Off White
Olives and Grapes
Static Space
Warped in Red
Vintage Bytes
Burgundy and Orange
Mint Glass Shattered
Shattered Pinwheel
Tropical Bird Collage
Winter in 3D
A Colorful Day
Glass Menagerie
Natural Method
Sentimental Flow
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