Collage & Mixed Media 2

Collage mixed media created using both digital and traditional tools.

Sage in Thyme
Not So Sure
Out of Context
White Room
Sounds of Blue
Flowers on Blue
White Rose

Monday Papers

Sunshine Through the Skylight

Spring Sky

Corner in Paris

The Librarian

Saturated Sight

Honest Choices

Woven Memories

Cancelled Subscription

Color Wheel

Similar Attributes

Postcards from Europe

Breakfast Nook

Awkward Style

Red Wonderland

Majestic Magenta

Mirror Image

Still Waters Along Yellow River

Spring Time Gardens

Horse in a Box

Retro Design One

Open Skies

Smashed Yellow

Quotable Clips

Gift Ideas

Cottage on  the Beach

Blue Fish

Plagiarism or Revolution

Melting Cotton Candy

The Lavender Diptych

Honey and Lemon

Red in May

Blue Sounds

Red Window

Inside My iMac

Vintage Radio

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