Collage & Mixed Media 3

Newest collection of vintage Collage pieces which were created using scanned ephemera, textures, watercolor and acrylic brushes. All compiled in Photoshop

Spring Snowflake
Antiqued Paper
Red Curtain
Vintage Documents
Lonely Winter
Charcoal Beneath Taupe
Exceptional Memories
Loud Emotion
Viridi Fern
CandleLight Dinner
Blank in Bliss
Peppermint Stick Collage
Winter Shakes the Door
Sound Sleeper
Venerable Knowledge
Literature of Old
Discerning Eye
Best Friends
Gold & Blue
Candlelight Under Pastels
Listen & Silent
Corner Bookstore
Red Paper
Old Style
Peek in the Window
Lavender Honey
Night is Almost Done
Tree Transformed
Omega Collage
Heart Locked
Nature in Grey
Owl Posing
Home Town
Red Corner
Typical Green
Sleepless in Lavender
Sitting Room
Withered Petals
Natural Green
Four Orange Blossoms
Broken Ties
Greedy Wave
Garden Beetle
Orange Boundaries
Rose And Magnolias
Line of Sight
Blue Cloud Passing By
Powder Blue Bedroom
Three Keys
Account of Misfortune
Seldom Indeed
Colorful Proponent
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