Iron Curl

Quartz Crystals

White Blossom on Blue

Blue in the City

Stone Tower

Japanese Forest Grass

Dreamy Garden

Pigeon at the Door

Dripping Sculpture

National Harbor Ferris Wheel

Twisted Iron

Water Burst

Great Falls, Patterson NJ

Small Blossoms at Chanticleer Gardens

Withered Leaf 

One Tall Tree

Red Building (HDR Photography)

Tight Rope Holding Steel

Two Pink Flowers

Dew on Fern 

Center Leaf

A Tree in Princeton

The Pink Door on Nassau Street

Twisted Vines Along the Wall

Orange Iris 

Curly Bark 

Single Light

Dead Tree by the Delaware River

Light Through Autumn Leaves

The Door in the Stone Wall 

Two Plum Colored Flowers

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