Abstract 3

Latest abstracts created in 2016 created with both traditional and digital elements

What You See
Burnt Morning Oranges
Fruit in the Orchard
Writing on the Wall
Poets Walk
Emotional Rollercoaster
Can You Taste Color?
Musical Colors
Poet's Portfolio
Something in the Wind
November Wind 
Colorare Le Mie Pareti
Grounded Aviator
Desultory Glance
Halcyon Lines
Spill The Wine
Always Late
Share of Morning
Lingers To Record Thee
Life is But Life
Stop 1 Heart From Breaking
Fainting Robin
Fields Lie Low
Trampled Steel
Color Cubism
Spilled Pink Paint
Optimal Level
Dream Big
Tinsel Town
No Ideas
One in a Million
None Denied
Without A Glance
Coast is Clear
Turbulent Sea
No Where But Here
What Behooveth Me
Missed Signals
Long Story Short
Red Tea
Travel Advisory
Plum Tree
The Great City
The First Chapter
Posing For a Picture
Retrieving Memories
The Opera House
Gallant Fields
King Dancer
Tired of the Journey
Maybe Blue
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