News: January 2, 2019 - My site is open for business. I have much more to upload. My brushes will no longer be available here. Eventually all my brushes will be on the online store. Please visit the online store now-
December 30, 2018 - Today I have finally decided to create an online art shop. It is at the beginning stages. Ultimately I want to sell my art files and then direct customer directly to printing site. I am still not sure which online printer I will direct clients to. Right now just trying to get my bearings in squarespace. To view site now click hereRemember it's still in construction phase. 
September 2017 - Starting today all my work on this site are Limited Editions. I will only allow 10 prints of each piece. Once that is reached the piece will be removed from this site. Prices will remain the same.  

Welcome to my portfolio site. I have been making many changes and additions. I consider myself a tradigital artist, which is a combination of both traditional and digital art. You can read more about this on my Bio page. I have also added a page to feature my custom photoshop brushes. You can not download this for free. This page is a catalog of my brushes. If you would like to buy my brush packs see the photoshop page for directions and price.