Abstracts 1

False Pretenses
Beyond Blue
Time Shift
Luxury In Blue
Fanciful Ideas
Local Candy Shop
Crimson Projects
Title: Unconfirmed
Silent Rock
Pale Accents
Dwell Timidly
Crazy Story
Color Spot Series
Shallow Walker
Only Colors
Grey Dreams
Twist of Lime
Indigo Waves
Pink Passing Through
Black Water
Land Fellowship
Abstract Fruit Tree
Spare Parts
Deep Sea Diving
Understanding The Signals
Table in a Secluded Restaurant
Call it Even
Silver and Sapphire
Standing Tall
Welcoming Embrace
Village of Color
Temporary Light
Distant Opulence
Hidden Self
This is Your Song
Difficult Job
Care Package
Nobody Home
Thoughtful Words
Missing Pieces
Under the High Bridge
The Beginning
Color in Hand
Verizon Frustration
Orange Twizzle
Searching for Coral
Color Treatment
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