Abstracts 2

Abstract and mixed media art

Green Friendly
Truth in Paint
Similar Vein
Share the Light
Aerial View
Closer to the Beginning
Muddle Puddle
Apartment in the Village
Poetry in Technicolor
Everything About Something
Walking Thru the Garden
Blue Morning
Talking Heads
Squandered Assets
Stealing Tomorrow
Dakota Blue
Music Hall
Coral Oceans
Lonely Swirls
Country Harvest
A Minute After
Dark Composition
Clear Blue
Circular Corridor
The Who Behind Recent Events
Stage Door Around the Back
Have Heart
Leaking Colors Over the Rocks
Poetry for Two
Shows On
Missing the Point
Devote Oneself
Logical Mind
Strong Roots 
Steady Heart
Floor Show
Open Communications
Ink in the Water
Wonders of Intrigue
A Better Question
Mustard Stain on the Morning Paper
Shut the Door
Fast Color
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